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Theme Session I – Invertebrate life in three-dimensional habitat

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ICES Annual Science Conference  

Book of abstracts of theme session I:

Invertebrate life in three-dimensional habitat

Conveners: Daniel Oesterwind (Germany), Carlos Mesquita (UK), Christopher Barrett (UK)

  • CM 24: Using ancient genomes to investigate responses to climate and anthropogenic impacts in the Atlantic bluefin tuna
  • CM 90: A comparison of survey design techniques for sea scallop, Placopecten magellanicus, camera sampling in the northwest Atlantic Ocean
  • CM 112: Spatial distribution of Cephalopods of the European Shelf and their associated oceanographic parameters based on occurrence in standardized demersal fishing trawls
  • CM 132: Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems found in a bathyal zone off the SE Iberian Peninsula (Western Mediterranean)
  • CM 154: Prawns in peril? The effects of climate change on decapod shrimp and the communities that depend on them
  • CM 174: Movement ecology of benthic invertebrates
  • CM 191: Inverse distance weighted data interpolation using non-linear island boundary features for estimating sea urchin density across a continuous landscape
  • CM 196: A 20-year review of the benthic impacts of Dublin Bay prawn fishing activities in heavily fished grounds in the north east Atlantic using available stock monitoring UWTV survey data
  • CM 197: Genetic and morphological assessment of Alloteuthis species in the North East Atlantic
  • CM 221: The importance of cephalopods to the diets of ecologically important finfish
  • CM 236: The UK octopus fishery – A blast from the past?
  • CM 246: Population structure, growth, mortality and yield per recruit of spiny lobster Palinurus elephas from the Azores
  • CM 262: Abundance estimates of crustaceans along the northeastern continental shelf
  • CM 272: Picky eaters? Using benthos data and trait information to study prey selectivity in demersal fishes
  • CM 310: Population dynamics, reproductive and growth aspect of the European green crab along estuaries and lagoons of the Portuguese Coast
  • CM 317: An investigation of microparasites in commercial crustaceans, focusing on velvet crab (Necora puber) and infection by Paramarteilia sp.
  • CM 325: Bumpy shrimp: a tale of shrimp parasites with possible impacts on small scale fisheries
  • CM 329: Undetectable changes in vertical distribution and abundance of mesozooplankton during neap and spring tides in the Midriff Archipelago Region, Gulf of California, Mexico
  • CM 336: Ecology of sea cucumbers catches in north Atlantic trawl fisheries
  • CM 351: The Atlantic sea scallop: an ideal sentinel species for climate change
  • CM 406: Are harmful jellyfish advected by a seasonal Irish coastal current?
  • CM 412: Modelling different components of marine plankton biodiversity (MODIV)
  • CM 456: Importance of coastal nursery habitats for shrimps in French Guiana
  • CM 483: Biodiversity of invertebrate macrofauna from the shrimp trawlers fishery in ZEE Angolan waters



ICES Annual Science Conference 2022, Dublin, Ireland.


Theme Session I – Invertebrate life in three-dimensional habitat

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