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Theme Session M – Putting more science in: stakeholder engagement in marine research and policy processes

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posted on 2024-01-25, 08:11 authored by ICESICES

Book of abstracts of theme session M:

Putting more science in: stakeholder engagement in marine research and policy processes

Conve​ners: Marta Ballesteros (Spain), Vera Köpsel (Germany), Steve Mackinson​ ​(UK)

  • CM 33: Research fatigue as a barrier to fishers’ participation in fisheries research and management
  • CM 53: Integrating Science and Local Knowledge towards Advancing Co-existence in the Northeast (USA): A Participatory Process
  • CM 56: Stakeholder engagement consistent with the impartiality, independence, and integrity of ICES
  • CM 95: Framing the Regime Shift Concept. An Epistemological Analysis of a Central Biological Notion in the Context of the North Sea Cod Crisis
  • CM 105: Putting “community” into science: a perspective from the UK
  • CM 191: Are scientists ready for participatory processes in the provision of fisheries advice?
  • CM 253: Using Stakeholder Analysis to assess best-practice of Marine Protected Area (MPA) as a fishery management tool: An Irish perspective
  • CM 330: The importance of fishers knowledge to ocean sustainability: an ethnography in Setúbal, Portugal
  • CM 335: Using discrete choice experiments for fisheries management: understanding fishers’ preferences in a climate change context
  • CM 337: The potential for, and challenges of, transdisciplinary research & real-world laboratories for building towards ocean sustainability
  • CM 347: Sustainable harvesting of commercial species in the Belize Exclusive Economic Zone
  • CM 352: Joining up the dots: Assessing capabilities and gaps in UK marine climate science to meet stakeholder needs
  • CM 366: Exchange of knowledge between marine stakeholders: citizen science as an useful tool
  • CM 381: Science-industry co-sampling: assessing the benefits and impacts of introducing a new data collection programme
  • CM 405: Technological Impacts on Stakeholder Engagement Processes
  • CM 410: ParticiPESCA: co-management of the Algarve trap and pot octopus’ fishery
  • CM 416: Towards a rubric for defining ‘groundfish fishing communities’: lessons from stakeholders and community members on the meanings of community
  • CM 436: Looking through different lenses: an eight minutes allegory on participatory science
  • CM 478: Communities of practice for stakeholder engagement in Marine Spatial Planning? Innovation or old wine in a new bottle?
  • CM 491: Don't ask don't tell: when science answers unwelcome questions
  • CM 494: Lessons learned while co-designing an MPA
  • CM 512: Using a science and industry collaborative framework to identify oceanographic indicators of Illex illecebrosus: Origination of the Squid Squad
  • CM 552: Progress in fishermen-supported oceanographic monitoring in the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada
  • CM 560: Small-scale fishery mobilities across the West African borderlands in a changing climate
  • CM 572: Learnings on stakeholder engagement during management procedure development for internationally managed fish stocks
  • CM 573: Are artists a hindrance, a facilitator, or a binding agent in participatory approaches in fisheries science? A French art-science-society experience
  • CM 615: “Your livelihood is my case study”: On the practical and ethical challenges of scientists having less of a stake than stakeholders when involving stakeholders in marine research
  • CM 624: NGOs’ role in co-management: facilitators or stakeholders?
  • CM 646: Offshore wind power in Gulf of Roses/Cap de Creus area (LEBA 1): Stakeholder selection method and positioning



ICES Annual Science Conference 2023, Bilbao, Spain.


Theme Session M – Putting more science in: stakeholder engagement in marine research and policy processes.

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ICES. 2023. Theme Session M – Putting more science in: stakeholder engagement in marine research and policy processes. ICES Annual Science Conference 2023, Bilbao, Spain.