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Theme session F - Ocean futures: engaging science and society in visions of the future

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ICES Annual Science Conference  

Book of abstracts of theme session F:

Ocean futures: engaging science and society in visions of the future

Conveners: Amanda Schadeberg (The Netherlands), Rachel Kelly (Australia), Rebecca  Shellock (Australia) 

  • CM 39: Bridging science and society. Ethnographic audio-visual as a tool for social transformation
  • CM 71: Empowering young people with climate and ocean science: Five strategies for adults to consider
  • CM 78: Social network analysis as a tool to inform sustainable multi-sectoral management in complex marine socioecosystems
  • CM 80: Co-developing future scenarios for sustainable ocean management – Lessons learned from regional stakeholder engagement across the world
  • CM 99: Cultivating collaboration across the industry-science-policy interface: A marine hub for Northern Ireland
  • CM 165: Scoping for risk: engaging stakeholders in integrated ecosystem assessment
  • CM 175: Using an Integrated Ecosystem Assessment to understand and prepare for the impacts of offshore wind on East Coast U.S. marine fisheries
  • CM 182: Economic pathways of fishing industry behavioral change: underlying mechanisms of price premiums in MSC eco-certification
  • CM 187: Preparing fishing communities and fishery managers for an era of climate change
  • CM 203: Coastal fisheries – quo vadis? Developing visions of the future in a collaborative Stakeholder Think Tank
  • CM 217: Futures thinking in Irish Ports – barriers and opportunities for transformative change
  • CM 223: Understanding communication in the UK catching sector to support co-management
  • CM 230: Stakeholder´s normative notions of sustainability. A survey for the co-design of a sustainable future of the Western Baltic fishery system
  • CM 243: Perspectives and Opportunities for Governing Open Ocean and Fish Carbon
  • CM 283: Developing a Monitoring Approach for Ireland’s National Marine Planning Framework
  • CM 314: Envisioning small-scale fisheries futures: engaging with sustainability initiatives in the Global South
  • CM 356: NCLIM: A Northeast U.S. climate integrated modeling initiative to meet ocean decision challenges
  • CM 368: Stakeholder engagement for the co-construction of plausible futures for the French fisheries: the societal and environmental consequences of global change
  • CM 470: Fishervoices: what do Brazilian artisanal fisherwomen need to survive on a rapidly changing coast?
  • CM 489: The future of the mesopelagic zone is being written today – but by whom?
  • CM 507: Linking communities of practice and science advice in Marine Spatial Planning – first lessons from collaborative learning across the North and Baltic Sea Regions



ICES Annual Science Conference 2022, Dublin, Ireland.


Theme session F - Ocean futures: engaging science and society in visions of the future

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