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Theme session M - Mixed fisheries within a changing ecosystem and socio-economic landscape

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ICES Annual Science Conference  

Book of abstracts of theme session M:

Mixed fisheries within a changing ecosystem and socio-economic landscape

Conveners: Claire Moore (Ireland), Dorleta Garcia (Spain), Paul Dolder

  • CM 37: Status and management of mixed fisheries: a global synthesis
  • CM 42: An effort to identify métiers in longline fisheries in western Greek waters to more efficiently address management challenges related to their catches, landings and discards
  • CM 121: Minimizing unwanted bycatch through gear selectivity: A MSE study on NEA haddock
  • CM 144: An efficient MSE framework for exploring multispecies interactions and management strategies of pelagic stocks in the Norwegian Sea
  • CM 147: Exploiting mixed fishery constraints to reconstruct past fishing mortality – a century of fishing in the North Sea
  • CM 153: Spatial closure or effort reduction as a tool for managing mixed fisheries in the Gulf of Lion, Western Mediterranean Sea
  • CM 158: Spatial patterns in retained catches in mixed-fisheries
  • CM 178: Tackling technical interactions in Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management through Management Strategy Evaluation
  • CM 209: Mixed performance: using historic catch data to assess the accuracy of Mixed Fisheries models in predicting catches of non-target species
  • CM 215 Revealing harvesting patterns from fishing trips
  • CM 233: Exploration of measures to protect bycatch species in the demersal mixed fisheries of the North Sea
  • CM 315: Identifying targeting or avoidance behavior for catch rate index development in a mixed species fishery
  • CM 331: A bioeconomic mixed-fisheries model for Irish fisheries
  • CM 337: Technical measures for a better scientific knowledge: gear selectivity in the north Spanish bottom trawl fishery.
  • CM 375: Are the drivers of discarding by the demersal trawl fishery in the Celtic Seas ecoregion predominantly regulatory in nature?
  • CM 395: Investigating the concept of target species in mixed fisheries through the spatio-seasonal analysis of target patterns
  • CM 397: Evaluation of the demersal mixed fisheries multiannual management plan in the Bay of Biscay including non-target and bycatch stocks
  • CM 405: Framework to operationalise MSE for mixed fisheries
  • CM 490: Adding biological realism to the mix – Lessons learned from the North Sea mixed fisheries FLBEIA model
  • CM 491: An Indicator Framework Approach to Support Sustainable Fisheries Management in the Mediterranean
  • CM 496: Evidence for avoidance of potential choke species in a mixed stock groundfish fishery with 100% at-sea monitoring
  • CM 515: Evaluating the conservation and economic risks of MEY and MSY based harvest strategies for a mixed-species flatfish fishery in British Columbia, Canada



ICES Annual Science Conference 2022, Dublin, Ireland.


Theme session M - Mixed fisheries within a changing ecosystem and socio-economic landscape

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