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MEESO_DataOutput_WP3_Catch-cruise-and-trawl-data2019_2021.xlsx (29.46 kB)

MEESO DataOutput WP3: Catch cruise and trawl data from 2019 and 2021

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Version 2 2022-04-29, 09:36
Version 1 2022-04-26, 10:37
posted on 2022-04-29, 09:36 authored by Ffion BellFfion Bell

This dataset is part of the MEESO Horizon 2020 project - Work Package 3.

This entry contains data on two cruises performed in 2019 and 2021 in relation to the MEESO project. The dataset specifies Dates, times, positions, bottom depth trawl horizontal and vertical opening, sampling depth, total catch and individual species catch. 

New version created for metadata updates.


Ecologically and economically sustainable mesopelagic fisheries

European Commission

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