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OSPAR request 2018 for spatial data layers of fishing intensity/pressure

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posted on 2023-08-28, 06:16 authored by ICESICES

Version 2: 22 January 2019:

Upon request of the data provider outputs have been updated to better ensure vessel anonymity. Three advice products (associated with sr.2018.14, sr.2017.17, and sr.2017.18) that use VMS and logbook data to describe detailed bottom trawling fishing activity have been updated to better ensure individual vessel anonymity. For these products, the level of gear grouping dis-aggregation at a c-square resolution of (0.05 degrees x 0.05 degrees) over one year were deemed too detailed by the original data provider subsequent to the release of the original advice. For these c-squares (containing 3 vessels or less) the value "-9" has been inserted to indicate that the data value for effort is missing from the c-square, but that the c-square does have a footprint from bottom trawling.

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ICES. 2019. OSPAR request 2018 for spatial data layers of fishing intensity/pressure. Data Outputs.

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