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Unraveling the recruitment problem: A review of environmentally-informed forecasting and management strategy evaluation

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posted on 2019-01-01, 00:00 authored by M. A. Haltuch, E. N. Brooks, J. Brodziak, J. A. Devine, K. F. Johnson, N. Klibansky, R. D. M. Nash, M. R. Payne, K. W. Shertzer, S. Subbey, B. K. Wells
Published in Fisheries Research


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Contributors (Authors)

M. A. Haltuch;E. N. Brooks;J. Brodziak;J. A. Devine;K. F. Johnson;N. Klibansky;R. D. M. Nash;M. R. Payne;K. W. Shertzer;S. Subbey ; B. K. Wells