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Addenda to Hydromedusae

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posted on 1978-01-01, 00:00 authored by F. S. Russell

Addenda to Hydromedusae, including two species in the Family Pandeidae and three species of uncertain affinities.

Since the publication of earlier sheets on Anthomedusae two new species have been described in the Family Pandeidae: Amphinema krampi Russell and Merga reesi Russell. In the Leptomedusae a  new  species, Krampella  dubia Russell, is  thought to belong to the Family  Laodiceidae. There has also been discussion on the systematic position of two other medusae. These are: Willia stellata Forbes, now Probos- cidactyla stellata, whose hydroid is the aberrant single-tentacled Lar sabellarum living on the margins of Sabellaria tubes; and Pochella polynema Hartlaub, whose hydroid  has recently  been shown by Edwards (1973) to be Trichydra pudica Wright.  These two medusae had been included by Russell (1953) and Kramp (1961) in the order Limnomedusae. Edwards (1973) transferred Trichydra pudica (whose name takes precedence over Pochella polynema) to the Anthomedusae. 

It is convenient to produce  a special sheet  to cover the above five species. The reader is  also referred  to  sheets 54 and 59. Mention should also be made of a leptomedusan species, Tiaropsidium atlanticum, described by Russell (1956 b), but the specimen was too fragmentary for inclusion here.  Reference should  be made to the original description. 




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Russell, F. S. 1978. Addenda to Hydromedusae. ICES Identification Leaflets for Plankton, No. 161. 3 pp.