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posted on 1969-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
Groundfish. Landings of ·cod, haddock, American plaic·e,' witchflounder, Greenlruldhalibut, and redfish from the Canadian offshore andcoastal areas were sampled for length, age, sex, sexual maturity and food.Location of capture and catch and effort statistics were collected from theoffshore fleet and in a number of coastal localities. :·Research-vessel surveys with the "A.T. Cameron" and the "E.E~· Prince"provided information on pre-recruit strengths of the various groundfish speciesfrom Labrador to Georges Bank and on the relation of groundfish concentrationsto area, depth, temperature and food.Work on distribution and.survival of larvae of demersal fish in theGulf of St. Lawrence.was continued.· Time of disappearance of ice cover,differences in water temperature, relative surface drift, damage or deformityof' early egg stages; a'nd availability of' rood .for larval i'ish, were all.important £actors in producing annual variations in survival~


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