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Assessing the health of the seas: the ICES contribution

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posted on 2023-07-05, 09:43 authored by Alasdair D. McIntyre
This paper traces the development of ICES work on marine environmental quality from the first tentative steps more than 50 years ago to the present position with ICES as a world leader in the field. It shows how the difficulties of monitoring and assessing contaminants in biota, water, and sediments were progressively overcome, how an understanding of the biological effects was built up, and how a comprehensive strategy eventually evolved. It also examines the activities of ICES in providing advice on these matters to Member Country governments and regional commissions.

Article from Marine Science Symposia Vol. 215 - 100 years of science under ICES. To access the remaining articles please click on the keyword "MSS Volume 215".



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McIntyre, A. D. 2002. Assessing the health of the seas: the ICES contribution. ICES Marine Science Symposia, 215: 164-171.