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Atlantic salmon from the Northeast Atlantic

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posted on 2022-07-18, 11:39 authored by ICESICES

The  NASCO  Framework  of  Indicators  for  North  East  Atlantic  stocks  for  2013  was run  in  January  2014,  and  did  not  indicate the need for a revised analysis  of  catch  options.  Thus,  no  new  management  advice  is provided for 2014. The most  recent  multi-year  advice  for  the  North  East  Atlantic  Commission  was  provided  by  ICES  (2013a).  In  that  assessment, there  were  no  catch  options  for  the  Faroes  fishery  that  would  allow  all  stock  complexes  to  achieve  their  conservation limits (CLs) with a greater than 95% probability in any of the seasons 2013/14 to 2015/16. In the absence of  specific  management  objectives,  ICES  advised  that  there  were  no  mixed-stock  fishery  options  on  the  NEAC  complexes at Faroes in 2013 to 2016. The results from the exploratory assessment conducted by ICES in 2013 based on smaller management units (countries) were in line with this advice.While  stocks  remain  in  a  depleted  state  and  in  the  absence  of  a  fishery  at  Faroes,  particular  care  should  be  taken  to  ensure that fisheries in homewaters are managed to protect stocks that are below their CLs.


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