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Data-limited diadromous species – review of European status

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posted on 2023-07-17, 16:25 authored by Karen Wilson, Lari Veneranta

This report (i) indicates specific cases where changes in the status of diadromous species are occurring which are directly related to human impact and ecosystem changes, and (ii) reviews the current status of selected species based on existing national and international criteria. All data-limited diadromous species are not covered in this report. Therefore, it should only be used as an initial guidance for future work to cover possible data and management gaps. This report focuses mainly on species in the European area, and covers countries and species represented by WGDAM members.


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ICES Cooperative Research Reports (CRR)



Contributors (Editors)

Karen Wilson; Lari Veneranta

Contributors (Authors)

Kim Aarestrup; Marie-Laure Acolas; Carlos Alexandre; Carlos Antunes; Miran Aprahamian; Colin Bean; Mikaela Bergenius; Janis Birzaks; Jorge Bochechas; Jason Boucher; Barca Bravo; Jan Breine; Pablo Caballero; Gradin Cobo; Johan Dannewitz; Francoise Daverat; Ian Davidson; Piotr Dębowski; Erik Degerman; Matt Devine; Ester Dias; Isabel Domingos; Bengt Finstad; Ann-Britt Florin; Marko Freese; Paddy Gargan; Jörn Gessner; Davidsen Grimsrud; Cara Hodkin; Kimberly Howland; Johan Höjesjö; Erkki Jokikokko; Quentin Josset; Fiona Kelly; Richard Kennedy; Slawomir Keszka; James King; Anders Koed; Uwe Krumme; Patrick Lambert; Alistair Maltby; Sofia Mateus; Michael Millane; Nigel Milner; Andrew Moore; Pedro Morais; David Nachon; Marie Nevoux; Einar Nielsen; Rasmus Nielsen; Maoiléidigh Ó; Jens Olsson; Sinead O'Reilly; Remigiusz Panicz; Zeynep Peckan-Hekim; Stig Pedersen; Silvia Pedro; Wojciech Pelczarski; Cristopher Petereit; Russell Poole; Ted Potter; Ruivo Quintella; Pedro Raposo Almeida; Willie Roche; Mehis Rohtla; Mervyn Roos; Alfred Sandström; Sam Shephard; Sergio Silva; Gordon Smith; Harry Strehlow; Alan Walker; Lari Veneranta; Adrian Williams; Karen Wilson; Ciara Wogerbauer; Karen van Wolfshaar; Laura Wichman





Recommended citation

Wilson; K.; Veneranta; L. 2019. Data-limited diadromous species – review of European status . ICES Cooperative Research Report, Vol. 348. 283 pp.