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EC request - Evaluation of a modified harvest control rule for managing the stock of western horse mackerel (Divisions IIa, IVa, Vb, VIa, VIIa–c,e–k, and VIIIa–e)

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posted on 2022-10-07, 08:58 authored by ICESICES

ICES advises that incorporating a range of values in the constant factor for the final percentage change (currently 1.07) specified  in  the  harvest  control  rule  (HCR),  or  a  combination  of  a  range  of  values  for  this  factor  and  the  fixed  total  removal component (currently 75 000 t) of the HCR, is feasible. ICES cannot unequivocally conclude that the original or  modified  HCR  is  consistent  with  the  precautionary  approach  in  the  long term  and  further  advises  that  it  should  be  subjected to a complete review; ICES notes that the values and ranges of the parameters given here are likely to change as a result of such a review.


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