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EU and NEAFC request for clarification regarding assessment of occurrence and catch levels of grenadier species in areas where roundnose grenadier is caught

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posted on 2022-03-09, 12:06 authored by ICESICES

Given the uncertainty in the species composition of the reported grenadier catches it is currently not possible to provide advice on a fishery for roughhead grenadier. The fishery data since 2010 is insufficient to provide catch advice for this species.  If  managers  wish  to  explore  the  possibility  of  managing  this  fishery  there  is  a  need  for  more  comprehensive  catch  and  effort  data,  ideally  through  an  extended  observer  programme  and  confirmation  of  species  landings  in  the  future. 

There are considerable differences, of more than an order of magnitude, between the relative proportions of roundnose and roughhead grenadier reported in the official landings, and the observed catches and scientific surveys in the areas where  the  fishery  for  roughhead  grenadier  currently  occurs.  However,  the  observed  catches  and  scientific  surveys  are  spatially and temporally limited.


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