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EU request on potential management measures for salmon in the Gulf of Finland (ICES Subdivision 32)

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posted on 2022-03-10, 13:54 authored by ICESICES
ICES advises that the effect of any quota transfer from subdivisions 22–31 to Subdivision 32 would be uncertain, but is likely to increase the exploitation of Gulf of Finland salmon. At present, there is no biological basis to allow a higher harvest of the Gulf of Finland salmon stocks.
ICES advises that merging Gulf of Finland stocks together with stocks in assessment units (AUs) 1–4 in the full assessment model is a priority. Because of data needs and potential technical difficulties with the model development, it is difficult to determine an exact time frame for an analytical assessment for the Gulf of Finland stocks at this time.
ICES advises that management measures that may improve the effectiveness of the TAC would include effort control (limits on fishing licenses, limits on gears, limited soaking time of gillnets, etc.) in the coastal fisheries and increased enforcement to reduce illegal catches.
ICES advises that the sea trout survival study referred in the request is not applicable to salmon in the Gulf of Finland. Until specific information is available showing high survival of salmon released from gillnets, an exemption from the landing obligation would not be advised.


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