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EU request on recreational cod data needs for monitoring the recreational fisheries

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posted on 2022-03-10, 13:54 authored by ICESICES
ICES advises on the data needs for the monitoring of recreational cod fisheries. The most important recommendations are:
• recreational catches should be included in the stock assessment if there are indications that they are substantial;
• the sampling design should provide for separate methods to collect effort data using a list frame or a random telephone/mail survey, and catch per unit effort data using an access point survey;
• catch data should be collected for all segments of the recreational fishery (e.g. shore, private boat, and charter boat fishing), at a temporal and spatial resolution matching the variability of the data and the stock assessment needs;
• the sampling programme should be able to collect landings and discard/release data, including catch composition (size, weight).
ICES offers more detail on statistically sound sampling of recreational fisheries, but considers that such surveys would have to be carefully adapted to the specifics of the sampled recreational fishery.


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ICES. 2016. EU request on recreational cod data needs for monitoring the recreational fisheries. ICES Advice: Special requests. 8 pp.

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