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Effects of extraction of marine sediments on the marine environment 2005-2011

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posted on 2016-01-01, 00:00 authored by Rebecca Walker, Henry Bokuniewicz, David Carlin, Ingemar Cato, Chris Dijkshoorn, Annelies De Backer, Jan van Dalfsen, Michel Desprez, Lara Howe, Bryndis G. Robertsdottir, Marcel Rozemeijer, Mark Russell, Ad Stolk

Each year across the ICES Area, approximately 100 million m³ of sand and gravel are extracted from licensed areas of the seabed (as described in Chapter 2) as a source of aggregate for the construction industry, either to supplement land‐based sources or as a source of material for coastal beach nourishment. As land-use constraints and resource exhaustion are tending to restrict the extraction of aggregate from terrestrial sources, attention continues to be focused on the importance of seabed resources to satisfy part of the demand for aggregates. The seabed is also recognized as the only viable source of material for beach renourishment in the face of coastal erosion. However, the benefits of using marine sand and gravel must be balanced with the potentially significant environmental impacts. In recognition of this, the exploitation of marine resources is regulated in most ICES Member Countries by national and international mineral policies, subject to environmental safeguards.


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Rebecca Walker; Henry Bokuniewicz; David Carlin; Ingemar Cato; Chris Dijkshoorn; Annelies De Backer; Jan van Dalfsen; Michel Desprez; Lara Howe; Bryndis G. Robertsdottir; Marcel Rozemeijer; Mark Russell; Ad Stolk





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ICES. 2016. Effects of extraction of marine sediments on the marine environment 2005-2011. ICES COOPERATIVE RESEARCH REPORT. Vol. 330, 213 pp.