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Fjordranching with conditioned cod

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posted on 2022-04-20, 07:58 authored by K. Ø. Midling, T. S. Kristiansen, E. Ona, V. Øiestad

In June 1986, 1600 pond-reared one-year old cod were released into a fjord after being conditioned with a pulsed 160 Hz sound signal to search for food at a feeding location. Echosounders, UW-video and ultrasonic transmitter tags were used to monitor the fish behaviour. The fish were fed four times a day (09:00, 12:00, 15:00 and 19:00) in the current lobe from a propeller.

A majority of the trained fish returned to the stimulus loeation, and also some "wild" cod and other species adapted the same behaviour. The ultrasonic tagged fish were distributed within 400 m from the stimulus location between the feeding periods. The experiment was terminated after three months. In this period the mean daily length increment was 0.6 mm/day.



Annual Science Conference 1987. Santander, Spain


Session F - Mariculture committee

Abstract reference

C.M. 1987 / F:29

Recommended citation

Midling, K. Ø. Kristiansen, T. S., Ona, E., and Øiestad, V. 1987. Fjordranching with conditioned cod. Annual Science Conference 1987, Santander, Spain. ICES C.M. 1987 / F:29.