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Grey gurnard in Subarea 8 and Division 9a

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posted on 2022-10-07, 08:46 authored by ICESICES

New available data (landings) do not change the perception of the stock; therefore, the same catch advised for 2013 is considered valid for 2014. The advice for 2013 was (ICES, 2012a): For this stock, the ICES approach to data-limited stocks would imply that catches should decrease by 20% in relation to the last three years’ average catch. Because the data for catches of grey gurnard are considered highly unreliable, ICES is not in a position to quantify the result.

The advice for 2014 is the same catch as advised for 2013 (even though its value cannot be quantified), not that a further 20% reduction in catch be implemented.


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