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Guidelines for the VMSdatacall_proposedWorkflow.r

posted on 2022-03-07, 11:27 authored by ICESICES

24/02/23: Updated to reflect 2023 data call and added annexes of LE and VE table formats.

This document is designed to aid analysts streamline the process of extracting VMS data in accordance with requirements of the ICES VMS data call.
Part 1 of the document is provides guidelines for installing all the software necessary for data manipulation and aggregation into the requested format. The software used, R and RStudio, are available as freeware.
The document is designed to aid all users, regardless of their experience using R. The steps listed cover the installation of R and RStudio and detailed information will be provided to cover all stages of the installation process to ensure success. Depending on your skills you might want to jump some of the steps. To ensure consistency across all users we advise installing VMStools version 0.72. Following these steps should enable quick and simple processing of all data.
All the instructions and code below were tested in windows 7 and 8. However, if for any reason something is not working you can contact one of the members of our support team (emails at the end of the document).


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