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Hydrography of the Oslo Fjord: Report on The Study Course in Chemical Oceanography arranged in 1969 by ICES with support of UNESCO

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posted on 1970-01-01, 00:00 authored by T. Andersen, F. Beyer, E. Foyn

The experience gained at the Intercalibration Meeting held in Copenhagen in 1966 revealed the desire of the ICES Working Group on Chemical Analysis of Sea-Water to arrange training courses in hydrochemical methods in order to achieve greater uniformity in analytical treatment of seawater samples. The courses were to be held for scientists and technicians in charge of chemical seawater research.

The Chairman of the Working Group, Dozent Dr. Klaus Grasshoff, Kiel, and Professor Dr. Ernst F6yn, Oslo, were requested to cooperate in the planning of such a course.

After several meetings the detailed plans were presented at the ICES Meeting in Copenhagen 1968. 

According to these plans the Course was held at the University Biological Station, Drobak at the Oslofjord, from 11 August to 6 September 1969, and it was attended by 15 participants from ICES member countries and 6 participants from UNESCO member countries. 

During the first week lectures and discussions were held on the theoretical background of chemical oceanography. The manuscripts of the general lectures, which were collected by Dr. Rolf Lange, as well as a Manual in Analytical Methods, commonly applied by students in marine biology, are published by Universitetsforlaget, Oslo. The book, "Chemical Oceanography, an introduction" is in English.

During the second and third week practical laboratory work with different chemical methods was carried out. The results obtained were discussed and treated statistically.

The German R/V "Alkor" arrived at Drobak on 26 August and remained for one week. Water samples were collected and analysed on daily cruises. Continuously recording analytical instruments were also demonstrated.

Two small Norwegian research vessels, "Gunnar Knudsen" and "Kristine Bonnevie", were available for the entire duration of the Course.

In order to give practical training, the hydrographical and chemical conditions in the Oslofjord were investigated by simultaneous observations carried out at different localities in the fjord in the course of one day. 

During the last week the results of these observations were elaborated and discussed.

At the 57th Statutory Meeting of ICES in Dublin 1969 it was decided, on the recommandation of the Hydrography Committee, to publish a report dealing with the practical and theoretical results which were attained during the Course. 



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Recommended citation

Andersen, T., Beyer, F., and Föyn, E. 1970. Hydrography of the Oslo Fjord: Report on The Study Course in Chemical Oceanography arranged in 1969 by ICES with support of UNESCO. ICES Cooperative Research Report. Vol. 20. 64 pp.