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ICES-IOC-SCOR Study Group on GEOHAB in the Baltic [SGGIB]

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posted on 2001-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
On behalf of the GEOHAB Scientific Steering Committee (SSC), Adriana Zingone introduced GEOHAB, presenting the motivation, overall goals and specific objectives of this SCOR-IOC science initiative. Adriana Zingone gave an overview of the structure and content of the recently completed GEOHAB Science Plan. A discussion followed on the implementation of GEOHAB in relation to the Baltic Sea, and on the benefit and obligations related to the participation to this international programme. The group felt that ICES, as binding together institutes that manage majority of the oceanographic research facilities in the Baltic Sea area, has a great potential in promoting research along the lines depicted in the GEOHAB Science Plan. ICES has e.g., in the past been behind the development and implementation of several regional field programmes such as for example PEX and SKAGEX, GLOBEC Cod and Climate, etc.


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