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ICES Advice 2005, Volume 1 - Introduction, Overviews and Special Requests

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1.1 Introduction 1

1.2 New report format 1

1.3 The scientific basis for advice 1

1.3.1 Ecosystem approach 1

1.3.2 Sector approach 1

1.3.3 Assessment of the quality status of ecosystems 3

1.4 The form of ICES advice 3

1.4.1 Fisheries advice

1.5 Reference points for the status of fish stocks 6

1.5.1 The identification of reference points for the status of fish stocks in the ICES area 7

1.6 Catch projections for the current and the following year 7

1.7 Management advice for mixed fisheries 8

1.7.1 The incorporation of ecosystem considerations 8

1.8 Quality of fishery statistics 9

1.9 Information from the fishing industry 10

1.10 Environment impact on fish stocks and the incorporation of ecosystem considerations 10

1.11 Future ICES advice in relation to the European Marine Strategy 14


2.1 Northeast Atlantic General patterns 17

2.2 Answers to Special Requests 20

2.2.1 EC DG Fish 20 Status List of EU Fish Stocks 20 Interaction of common dolphins Delphinus delphis and fisheries in the Northeast Atlantic 22

2.2.2 EC DG Environment 26 Scientific information concerning impact of sonar activities on cetacean populations and fish 26 Information and advice about appropriate eco-regions for the implementation of an ecosystem approach in European waters 31

2.2.3 HELCOM 53

2.2.4 IBSFC 54

2.2.5 NASCO 55

2.2.6 NEAFC 56

2.2.7 OSPAR 57 Design of one-off surveys to provide new information for a number of OSPAR chemicals for priority action 57 Quality Assurance of biological measurements in the Northeast Atlantic 64 Scientific aspects of risk management of ballast water 65 Review of the outcome of the ICES/OSPAR Workshop on the development of guidelines for integrated chemical and biological effects monitoring, and finalising the guidelines 70 Assessment of the long-term impact of oil spills on marine and coastal life 72 Endocrine disruptors and whether this is adequate for the marine environment, and advice on any further work considered necessary to address issues specific to the marine environment 78 Review of the report of the OSPAR/MON assessment in relation to contaminants in sediments (and biota) and update the view of evaluation of the use of background concentrations (BCs) and background assessment concentrations (BACs) 86

2.3 Fish disease and related issues 92

2.3.1 Review of health indices used for the interpretation of data obtained from biological effects monitoring activities and assessment of their applicability in relation to fish disease monitoring 92

2.3.2 Effects of contaminants on the immune system in fish and shellfish 94

2.3.3 Distribution, causes and significance of the Summer Mortality syndrome in the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) and in other bivalve species 96

2.3.4 New disease trends in wild and cultured fish, molluscs and crustaceans 97

2.4 Monitoring Issues 108

2.4.1 Integrated monitoring for phytoplankton and harmful algal blooms 108

2.4.2 Passive sampling techniques for contaminants 110

2.5 Extraction of marine sediments 112

2.6 Potential impacts of escaped non-salmonid candidates for aquaculture on localized native stocks 116


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