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ICES Advice 2006, Book 9 - Widely Distributed and Migratory Stocks

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9.1 Widely distributed marine populations overview [Start with a map of the area] 2

9.1.1 The North East Atlantic ecosystem in relation to widely distributed populations 2

9.2 The human impact on the ecosystem 8

9.2.1 The fisheries and their impact on benthos and fish communities 8

9.3 Assessments and advice 10

9.3.1 Assessments and advice regarding fisheries 10

9.3.2 Special requests NEAFC request concerning the spatial and temporal extent of deepwater fisheries in the Northeast Atlantic and a preliminary evaluation of areas closed to fishing by NEAFC 19 EC request concerning the identification of key areas/species to be recorded in a dedicated internationally coordinated survey 36 NEAFC pelagic shark advice 37 Answer to special request to evaluate “Arrangement for the multi-annual management of the blue whiting stock” in relation to the precautionary approach 39

9.4 Stock Summaries 42

9.4.1 Hake – Northern stock (Division IIIa, Subareas IV, VI and VII and Divisions VIIIa,b,d 42

9.4.2 Northeast Atlantic Mackerel (combined Southern, Western and North Sea spawning components) 55

9.4.3 Western horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) (Divisions IIa, IVa, Vb, VIa,, VIIa-c, e-k, VIIIa-e) 69

9.4.4 Blue whiting combined stock (Subareas I-IX, XII and XIV) 78

9.4.5 Norwegian spring-spawning herring 93

9.4.6 Northeast Atlantic spurdog 103

9.4.7 Northeast Atlantic porbeagle 108

9.4.8 Northeast Atlantic basking shark 113

9.4.9 European Eel 117

9.4.10 Ling (Molva molva) in all areas 127 Ling in Divisions I and II. 127 Ling in Subdivision Va 132 Ling in Subarea Vb 135 Ling in Divisions IIIa and IVa, and in Subareas VI, VII, VIII, IX, XII, and XIV 138

9.4.11 Blue ling (Molva dypterygia) in all areas 149 Blue ling in Subdivisions Va and XIV 149 Blue ling in Subdivisions Vb, VI, and VII 155 Blue ling in other areas (Subdivisions I, II, IIIa, IVa, VIII, IX, and XII) 162

9.4.12 Tusk (Brosme brosme) in all areas 166 Management unit I and II (Arctic) 167 Tusk in Division Va (Iceland) 172 Tusk in Divisions IIIa, IVa, Vb, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XII, and XIV (other areas) 176

9.4.13 Greater Silver Smelt 186 Greater silver smelt in Subdivision Va 187 Greater silver smelt in other areas (Subdivisions I, II, IIIa, IV, Vb, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII, and XIV) 190

9.4.14 Orange roughy. 196

9.4.15 Roundnose grenadier 203

9.4.16 Black scabbard fish 218

9.4.17 Greater forkbeard 230

9.4.18 Alfonsinos/Golden eye perch (Beryx spp.) 232

9.4.19 Red (=blackspot) seabream 239

9.4.20 Portuguese dogfish and leafscale gulper shark the North East Atlantic (ICES Areas I-XIV) 247

9.4.21 Kitefin shark in the Northeast Atlantic (ICES Areas I-XIV) 252


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