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ICES/NSCFP Study Group on the incorporation of additional information from the fishing industry into fish stock assessments (SGFI)

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posted on 2023-05-22, 07:44 authored by ICESICES

The study group (SG) met in good spirit and openly and constructively discussed many of the problems/conflicts arising as a result of the most recent developments in the management of the North Sea fisheries. The SG developed its recommendations from discussion about ongoing initiatives in countries around the North Sea, many of which are aimed at improving communication between scientists and fishermen and improving data collection and sampling. The SG thought that most of the TOR were closely linked and were best dealt with in conjunction. The SG came also to the conclusion that some aspects of the TOR were ambitious and too far reaching to be satisfactorily addressed during this first meeting. It was not clear to the participants exactly what information was required or might be available from the fishery at this stage. For this reason none of the parties were in a position to bring specific data to the meeting or to offer internally approved positions.


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