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ICES/OSPAR Steering Group on Quality Assurance of Biological Measurements Related to Eutrophication Effects (SGQAE)

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posted on 2023-05-31, 06:24 authored by ICESICES

The Chair reviewed the Terms of Reference (C. Res. 2000/2ACME05) as agreed by ICES, providing a framework for this meeting, namely:

a) finalise a draft of OSPAR/ICES guidelines for QA of biological measures;

b) review progress in the application of JAMP guidelines and associated QA activities, especially the outcome of

workshops/intercomparison exercises, within Member Countries;

c) further evaluate criteria for judging the acceptability of biological data in international monitoring programmes, at

the field sampling, laboratory analysis, and data entry stages;

d) compile a programme of planned biological workshops/intercalibration exercises/ring tests, etc., relevant to ICES/OSPAR activities, covering the years 2001 and 2002;

e) review the outcome of activities of SGPHYT, and of other comparable efforts in compilation of species lists, with

emphasis on QA aspects;

f) follow up results obtained with the EC BEQUALM project, with the aim of producing recommendations relevant

to JAMP guidelines;

g) consider the merit of circulation of a questionnaire to laboratories in the OSPAR area concerning QA activities in

relation to biological measures and, as appropriate, to draft a set of specific questions;

h) meet jointly with SGQAB, with a view to a merger of the two groups.


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