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ICES Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

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posted on 2023-01-05, 09:30 authored by ICESICES

The  Stakeholder Engagement Strategy outlines the key principles of stakeholder  engagement and defines the roles of both stakeholders and scientists in the  engagement. It specifically takes a broad definition of stakeholder as “those  who affect or are affected by a decision, process, or action of ICES” and  focuses on the roles and responsibilities in concrete engagement situations.  

The  strategy gives general guidance and mission for ICES community on how to  organize stakeholder engagement, with concrete details and guidance being  developed in the implementation plan. It lists the scope, context, and  rationale for engagement, and describes the roles and responsibilities of  stakeholders and researchers.

It is required because  stakeholder engagement is increasingly important in the work of ICES.  Workshops and meetings are organized to consult stakeholders on knowledge  needs, methods, data, and, more broadly, their expert knowledge, and  incorporate this knowledge into the science and the evidence base for advice.  Engagement occurs with experts in the network as well as with the Secretariat  and the committees. Fora for engagement on a high level are the meetings with  the requesters of ICES advice (MIRIA) and the Advisory Councils and observers  to our advisory process (MIACO). 

The observer policy covers part of ICES  interactions with organizations and individuals. However, for wider  engagement, a strategy and subsequent implementation plan is required to  harmonize and coordinate a transparent engagement and to ensure the  credibility of the science and advice being produced by ICES.




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ICES. 2023. ICES Stakeholder Engagement Strategy. Version 01. ICES Guidelines and Policies. 12 pp.

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