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posted on 2023-08-28, 08:40 authored by ICESICES

In general, consistency within a document is key. ICES Style Guide provides guidelines on ICES preferred style, and authors, editors, etc. are asked to adhere to this to the extent possible. As a living document, this guide will be updated as required by ICES Publications department to reflect evolving formatting and style conventions.

ICES style generally follows that of the Oxford English Dictionary, except in cases of spellings or phrases specific to ICES (found in ICES Word list).

As with all good rules, it is recognized that there will be instances where individuals are required to divert to personal preference and judgement. When in doubt, please contact ICES Publications with any inquiries. Questions or comments regarding the Style Guide are welcomed by the team, as we endeavour to create a comprehensive overview of the accepted ICES style.




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ICES. 2023. ICES Style Guide. 32 pp.

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