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ICES Symposia Report 2007

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Report on ICES sponsored symposia held in 2007:

  • ICES Fifth International Conference on Marine Bioinvasions; held 21–24 May 2007, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
  • ICES/PICES/GLOBEC Symposium “The 4th International Zooplankton Production Symposium"; held 28 May–1 June 2007, in Hiroshima, Japan.
  • International Symposium on Integrated Coastal Zone Management; held 11–14 June 2007, in Arendal, Norway.
  • Early Career Scientists Conference (ECSC); held 25–29 July 2007, in Baltimore MD, USA.
  • Symposium on MPAs as a Tool for Fisheries Management and Conservation; held 25–28 September 2007, in Murcia, Spain.
  • Symposium on Reproductive and Recruitment Processes of Exploited Marine Fish Stocks; held 1–3 October 2007, in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • ICES Symposium on Environmental Indicators: Utility in Meeting Regulatory Needs; held 20–23 November 2007, in London, UK.



ICES sponsored symposia reports

Contributors (Conveners)

Judith Pederson; James Carlton; Erkki Leppäkoski; Yasuwo Fukuyo; Michael J. Dagg; Roger Harris; Luis Valdez; Shin-ichi Uye; Erlend Moksness; Elisabeth North; Jens Floeter; Kang Sukyung; Julie Keister; A. Lopez-Urrutia; Franz Mueter; Erik Hoffmann; Angel Perez-Ruzafa; Ed Trippel; Richard D. Brodeur; Mark Dickey-Collas; H. L. Rees; E. Jagtman; H. Hillewaert

Recommnded citation

ICES. 2007. ICES Symposia Report 2007. ICES CM 2007/GEN:02. 38 pp.