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ICES Symposia Report 2008

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Report on ICES sponsored symposia held in 2008:

  • International Symposium "Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans"; held 19–23 May 2008, in Gijón, Spain.
  • Symposium on the Ecosystem Approach with Fisheries Acoustics and Complementary Technologies (SEAFACTS); held 16–20 June 2008, in Bergen, Norway.
  • Symposium on Herring: Linking biology, ecology, and status of populations in a changing environment; held 26–29 August 2008, in Galway, Ireland.
  • Symposium on “Coping with global change in marine social-ecological systems”; held 8–11 July 2008, in Rome, Italy.
  • Symposium on “The Role of Marine Mammals in the Ecosystem in the 21st Century”; held 29 September–1 October 2008, in Dartmouth, Canada.
  • Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World; held 6–9 October 2008, in Monaco.
  • World Conference on Marine Biodiversity; held 11–15 November 2008, in Valencia, Spain.



ICES sponsored symposia reports

Contributors (Conveners)

John Church; William T. Peterson; Luis Valdés; Rudy J. Kloser; Egil Ona; David A. Demer; Maruice Clarke; Mark Dickey-Collas; Aril Slotte; R. Ian Perry; Rosemary Ommer; Philippe Cury; Garry Stenson; Tore Haug; James Orr; Ken Caldeira; Victoria Fabry; Jean-Pierre Gattuso; Peter Haugan; Patrick Lehodey; Silvio Pantoja; Hans-Otto Poertner; Ulf Riebesell; Tom Trull; André Freiwald; Carlo Heip; Carlos Duarte; Heye Rumohr; Jake Rice

Recommended citation

ICES. 2008. ICES Symposia Report 2008. ICES CM 2008/GEN:02. 33 pp.