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Input of pollutants to the Oslo Commission Area

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posted on 1978-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES

The input study reported here was originally conceived as an integral part of the Oslo Commission baseline survey, for which results for the levels of pollutant residues in fish and shellfish have already been reported (Coop. Res.Rep., No.69 (1977)). The report of this study represents the most complete account so far available of the input to a maritime region involving the participation of several countries. The survey conducted has many deficiencies. A number of rough estimates have had to be made, often based on rather sweeping assumptions. Nevertheless, broad conclusions can be drawn and areas of weakness can be identified which need attention before more reliable estimates can be made. A major objective of a study of this kind must be to draw the attention of relevant national and international regulatory bodies to the need to strive for better quality information. No sensible conclusions can be drawn, or regulatory action taken, as to the need for controlling inputs of pollutants via particular input routes without a much better quantitative understanding of the relationship between input and level  in particular situations. There are many gaps to be filled, and there can be no doubt that the quality of input information lags far behind that, for instance, available for selected pollutant levels in fish and shellfish. It is hoped that the timely production of this report will serve to highlight the need for greater effort in the production of accurate input data.



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ICES. 1978. Input of pollutants to the Oslo Commission Area . ICES Cooperative Research Report, Vol. 77. 64 pp.