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Integrated optic-acoustic studies of reef fish: Report of the 2018 GCFI field study and workshop

posted on 09.09.2022, 12:10 authored by David A. Demer, William L. Michaels, Tonny Algrøy, Lars Nonboe Andersen, Omar Abril-Howard, Benjamin Binder, Derek Bolser, Ryan Caillouet, Matthew D. Campbell, Sergio Cambronero-Solano, Erick Castro-Gonzalez, Jeff Condiotty, Violeta E. González-Maynez, Toby Jarvis, Melissa Mayorga-Martínez, Jorge Paramo-Granados, Camilo Roa, Anthony Rojas-Archbold, Juliana Sintura-Arango, J. Christopher Taylor, Charles H. Thompson, Hector Villalobos

NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-F/SPO-209. 


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