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Kick-off meeting report of ICES-PICES Working Group on Climate Change and Biologically-driven Ocean Carbon Sequestration (WGCCBOCS)

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posted on 2016-09-16, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
2016 Kick off meeting of the Joint ICES/PICES Working Group on Climate Change and Biologically-driven Ocean Carbon SequestrationDate: 17 June 2016(1) Background of the working group (WG) was introduced, including the significance of the carbon sequestration by the oceans, the WG connections to science and policy, and the main mission of the WG in integrating different approaches and studies and improv-ing prediction and advice for climate policies;(2) The participants introduced themselves, including their countries and their member-ship in the WG;(3) The participants reviewed the Terms of References (ToRs);(4) The participants discussed and set up several task teams (TTs) that should lead the WG’s future activities for the different ToRs;(5) The participants discussed specific tasks for ToRs.The meeting reached the following agreements/conclusions:(1) Report the expertise of present members to PICES and ICES;(2) Identify gaps in expertise based on the Term of References (ToRs) among WG mem-bers and invite additional members to fill either gaps;(3) All the members are encouraged to attend the WG’s business meeting during the PICES 2016 Annual Meeting;(4) It was clarified that there is currently no extra financial support from ICES, PICES or other organizations for the WG’ members to participate in the WG’s activities;(5) The participants volunteered to join different task teams that should lead the WG’s activities for different ToRs, the WG members who were not in attendance are invited to identify which of the above ToRs they will contribute to;(6) The WG will not aim to contribute collectively to IPCC’s next assessment report;(7) Specific tasks for each ToRs were decided;(8) All ToRs should exchange the information and the products from their work.


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