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Life-cycle spatial patterns of small pelagic fish in the Northeast Atlantic

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posted on 2010-01-01, 00:00 authored by Jürgen Alheit, Douglas Beare, Miguel Bernal, Michele Casini, Maurice Clarke, Unaï Cotano, Mark Dickey-CollasMark Dickey-Collas, Leonie Dransfeld, Clementine Harma, Mikko Heino, Jacques Massé, Christian Möllmann, Enrique Nogueira, Pierre Petitgas, David Reid Alexandra Silva, Georg Skaret, Aril Slotte, Yorgos Stratoudakis, Andrés Uriarte, Rüdiger Voss

The spatial organization of fish populations is expected to play a key role in population dynamics and its response to environmental forcing. It has been argued (Sinclair, 1988) that the size of populations and the spatial organization of their life cycles match key oceanographic physical features in space and time. The characterization of a functional

linkage between key physical features and fish habitats was recognized as a first and important step towards understanding the variability of spatial patterns and population dynamics. Therefore, the 2004 – 2006 reports of the ICES Study Group on Regional Scale Ecology of Small Pelagic Fish (SGRESP; ICES, 2004a, 2005, 2006a) attempted to characterize patterns in the life‐cycle organization of fish stocks in the Northeast Atlantic and cross‐map these with physical features. Results were consistent with previous findings.


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Pierre Petitgas

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Jürgen Alheit; Douglas Beare; Miguel Bernal; Michele Casini; Maurice Clarke; Unaï Cotano; Mark Dickey-Collas; Leonie Dransfeld; Clementine Harma; Mikko Heino; Jacques Massé; Christian Möllmann; Enrique Nogueira; Pierre Petitgas; David Reid Alexandra Silva; Georg Skaret; Aril Slotte; Yorgos Stratoudakis; Andrés Uriarte; Rüdiger Voss





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Pierre Petitgas (Ed.). 2010. Life-cycle spatial patterns of small pelagic fish in the Northeast Atlantic . ICES Cooperative Research Report, Vol. 306. 98 pp.

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