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Mixed-fisheries advice for the Bay of Biscay and Atlantic Iberian waters

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posted on 2022-03-10, 12:32 authored by ICESICES
Mixed-fisheries considerations are based on the single-stock assessments combined with knowledge on the species composition in catches in Atlantic Iberian waters fisheries. Mixed-fisheries scenarios are based on central assumptions that fishing patterns and catchability for individual fleets remain the same in 2016 and 2017 as in recent years (similar to procedures in single-stock forecasts where growth and selectivity are assumed constant). Seven example scenarios of fishing opportunities considering mixed fisheries are presented, taking into account the single-stock advice for fisheries catching hake, four-spot megrim, megrim, and white anglerfish. Without specific mixed-fisheries management objectives, ICES cannot recommend specific scenario(s).
Mixed-fisheries projections for 2017 are presented in terms of catch. The limiting stocks for fishing opportunities will be the hake and four-spot megrim, corresponding to an undershoot of the advised catch for white anglerfish and megrim. Conversely, white anglerfish is the least limiting stock corresponding to an overshoot of the advised catch for all other species in the mixed-fisheries analysis (Figure; Table


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ICES. 2016. Mixed-fisheries advice for the Bay of Biscay and Atlantic Iberian waters. ICES Advice: Recurrent advice. 7 pp.

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