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NEAFC request on discarding in the NEAFC Regulatory Area

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posted on 2024-01-25, 08:01 authored by ICESICES

NEAFC has a standing request for information on discarding in the NEAFC Regulatory Area (RA). After analysis of mackerel fisheries, ICES has continued with the second phase of the suggested procedure to potentially extend the analysis of discarding to other fisheries taking place in the NEAFC RA. ICES has identified a number of issues and data gaps that make the second phase of this work not feasible at this time. ICES, however, provides suggestions on future approaches to increase surveillance of discards in the NEAFC RA.


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ICES. 2022. NEAFC request for a technical service on discarding in the NEAFC Regulatory Area. In Report of the ICES Advisory Committee, 2022. ICES Advice 2022. sr.2022.12.