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North Atlantic salmon stocks

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posted on 2022-05-30, 12:43 authored by ICESICES

The advice generated by ICES is in response to the terms of reference posed by the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (NASCO), pursuant to its role in international management of salmon. NASCO was  set  up  in  1984  by  international  convention  (the  Convention  for  the  Conservation  of  Salmon  in  the  North Atlantic Ocean), with a responsibility for the conservation, restoration, enhancement, and rational management of wild salmon in the North Atlantic. Although sovereign states retain their role in the regulation  of  salmon  fisheries  for  salmon  originating  in  their  own  rivers,  distant-water  salmon  fisheries,  such  as those at Greenland and Faroes, which take salmon originating in rivers of another Party, are regulated by NASCO under the terms of the Convention. NASCO now has six Parties that are signatories to the Convention, including the EU which represents its Member States.


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