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OSPAR request on review of draft OSPAR JAMP eutrophication guidelines on phytoplankton species composition

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posted on 2022-06-03, 12:09 authored by ICESICES

ICES provides a revised version of the OSPAR JAMP phytoplankton monitoring guidelines. The motivation for the suggested changes is summarized below.
ICES advises that:
• there are no reliable widespread “indicator” plankton species yet agreed by the scientific community, whether for ocean acidification or for eutrophication;
• standard lists are still required for trophic type/functional groups and non‐indigenous/cryptogenic species, and a further process to keep these and other lists up to date is also required;
• if OSPAR wishes to collectively store, use, analyse, or assess phytoplankton data (including for biodiversity) then a common data reporting, handling, and storage system is required, as well as agreed analysis and assessment systems;
• some choices by OSPAR may therefore be needed in relation to phytoplankton data;
• OSPAR encourages its Contracting Parties to invest in both the equipment and personnel necessary to monitor picoplankton.


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