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On the definition of plankton production terms

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posted on 2023-07-12, 09:41 authored by Peter J. leB. Williams

The development of our plankton production terminology is discussed. It has been necessary to take into consideration, successively, algal and community respiration, as loss terms; when community processes are dealt with, space, time, and the size and abundance of the individual organisms also become considerations. No agreement exists as to whether the primary processes themselves (i.e., photosynthesis and respiration) should be defined in terms of energy or material flux. An argument is presented to illustrate that our methodology is now more precise than our definitions, and a start is made to formulate a consistent set of definitions.

Article from Marine Science Symposia Vol. 197 - "Measurement of Primary Production from the Molecular to the Global Scale". Symposium held in La Rochelle, 21-24 April 1992. To access the remaining articles please click on the keyword "MSS Vol. 197". 



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Williams, P. J. leB. 1993. On the definition of plankton production terms. ICES Marine Science Symposia, 197: 9-19.