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Plaice age determination exchange and workshop

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posted on 2022-11-11, 08:47 authored by M. W. Easey

The overall aim was to improve ageing precision and the quality of age compositions provided to ICES Working groups. Further aims were:
• to find out the ageing agreement between countries and between the two methods of using whole otoliths and sections mounted in resin
• analyse and discuss the level of agreement between readers 

• look at otoliths where there is disagreement and resolve any differences
• to re-read a selection of the exchange otoliths after discussing disagreements
• if time permits the workshop will also look at otoliths brought by participants
• to produce a reference collection of agreed ages for training etc


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Easey, W. M. 2003. Plaice age determination exchange and workshop. 13-14 May 2003, Ostend, Belgium. ICES Working Document. 7 pp.