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Preliminary Report of the North Sea Roundfish Working Group

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posted on 1971-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
In tho Report of the '\larking Group on Assessment of Dcmorso.l Species in tho North Sea (Anon., 1969), the assessments included tho effects of chongos in mesh size ond changes in fishing effort on tho haddock, uhiting o.nd cod fishery of tho North Sea. To o.chiovo this, morto.lity mtos were required for th0 pa.rt of the life of a haddock, ,,m,i ting or cod, o.ftor it ho.d assumed tho dcmersc..1 habit but bcf􀎂􀎃e it had grown largo enough to be fully exploited by the Recommendation 4:X:XJ fisheries.


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