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Preliminary report of the International O-Group Fish Survey in the Barents Sea and Adjacent waters in August-September 1993

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posted on 1994-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
The geographical distribution of 0􀁩group fish were estimated with a small mesh midwater trawl. The vessels which participated in the survey in 1993, used the type of midwater trawl recom­mended by the meeting held after the survey in 1980 (Anon., 1983). The trawling procedure was standardized in accordance with the recommendation made at the same meeting. At about every 30 nautical miles sailed the trawl was towed in several depths in one haul. The standard procedure consisted of towings of 0.5 nautical mile in each of 3 depths with the headline of the trawl located at 0, 20 and 40m. An additional tow at 60 and 80m for 0.5 nautical mile was made when 0-group fish layer was recorded on the echosounder deeper than 60m.


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