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posted on 2008-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
Following‐up on a request made by the President to have an extraordinarypresentation at the ASC in Halifax on David H. Cushing who had passedaway earlier this year. In the context of the ICES Recognition Programme,the general question was raised whether post mortem awards could bemade. Bureau agreed that this question should be forwarded to theAwards Committee, scheduled to meet during this conference.• 2009 ASC. Bureau proposed that the Secretariat should contact the GermanDelegates with a view to receiving theme session proposals with specificGerman interest.• ICES participation in the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen inMarch 2009 with two timeslots (covering input from the ASC 2008 and GijonSymposium) was adopted by the Bureau and was thought to be an excellentopportunity to raise our profile in this area.• Bureau accepted the foreseen procedure to set up a specialised ICES programmefor training to be funded by SIF.• Websites for SciComs. Bureau took note of this item and stated that thisshould come under the responsibility of the General Secretary.• Bureau commented and endorsed the recommendations of the Bureau WGon the ICES Science Plan.


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