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Report of the Study Group on Multispecies Assessments in the North Sea (SGMSNS)

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posted on 2023-05-16, 08:45 authored by ICESICES

The Study Group on Multispecies Assessment in the North Sea [SGMSNS] (Co-Chairs: M. Vinther, Denmark and J.K. Pinnegar, UK) met in Bergen, Norway from 25-29 August 2003 to:

a) evaluate the effect of applying single-species reference points in a multispecies framework, with particular reference to limit and precautionary reference points as presently proposed by ICES in the North Sea;

b) evaluate the single-species recovery plan for North Sea cod by taking into account biological interactions;

c) review the data sources collated by SGGROMAT for the construction, by quarter, of historical stock lengths and weights-at-age for North Sea MSVPA species;

d) review the developments in representing ecological linkages and management objectives within North Sea mass-balance tropho-dynamic models.

SGMSNS will report by 5 September 2003 for the attention of the Resource Management Committee and ACFM and ACE.


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