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REPORT OF THE Study Group on the estimation of Spawning Stock Biomass of Sardine and Anchovy

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posted on 2003-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
During the ICES Annual Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark (89th Statutory meeting in October 2002) was decided that the second meeting of the Study Group on the estimation of the spawning biomass of sardine and anchovy (SGSBSA) would take place in Malaga (Spain) between 23-27/6/2003 (dates revised with the agreement of ICES) with the objective to:i) provide final 2002 DEPM estimates for sardine and anchovy in Atlantic European waters;ii) complete the review of previous sardine DEPM estimates and provide a clear and synthetic description of the uncertainties associated with each estimate;iii) decide the most appropriate timing of future DEPM surveys for the Atlanto-Iberian stock of sardine;iv) consult recent developments in the use of CUFES and GAMs to consider their most appropriate application in DEPM surveys and estimation;v) update work on egg stage-age models, POF dating and spawning fraction estimation;vi) revise the maturity ogive of sardine based on past and 2002 DEPM histological information, in order to clarify its appropriate use in analytical assessment;vii) develop protocols and criteria to ensure standardization of all sampling tools and survey gears.


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