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RPVR Vol. 136 - Table of contents and preface. Contributions to a special scientific meeting on cod

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posted on 2023-07-21, 07:26 authored by ICESICES

The contributions to the Special Scientific Meeting “THE COD” which are submitted herewith show that, during the 20 years that have passed since our last meeting dealing with the cod, very great attention has been paid to a census of the cod stocks.

The long series of observations recording length and age compositions of the cod constitute very valuable material, and new facts of paramount importance have been presented. Our plan of arranging all the contributions within a particular frame work may have prevented some interesting observations from appearing, but it has enabled us to present data for a direct comparison of the different stocks examined by various workers.

This publication is part of  Rapport et Proces-Verbaux des Reunions Vol.  136, which includes all contributions to a special scientific meeting on cod. To see all other articles in this volume, please click on  the keyword "RPVR Vol. 136".



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