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Reference report on Baltic salmon; additional information on Baltic sea trout

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posted on 1975-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES

The Working Group on Baltic Salmon was established in 1958 as a standing Committee on Baltic salmon problems, At its first sitting it decided to compile available data as a basis for further studies because even if the object of the Working Group was that of a contact group for mutual information and stimulation as to studies of,Baltic salmon, the desirability of some kind of report to be presented to the Salmon and Trout Committee of that time was immediately evident.

In 1962 at the sixth sitting of the Group a programme recommendation was made and the following year a draft of a "Progress Report, No.l" was presented and discussed, The outline of this report largely corresponded to the present Reference Report. As several items needed a more thorough treatment and especially as the prerequisites necessary for the construction of a population model were not fulfilled, it was decided to look further into these questions, before· a new draft was prepared. The completion of the work was however delayed, mainly because material for certain items of the Report proved not to be readily accessible.

Also published as Laxforskningsinstitutet Meddelande 2/1975 by the Swedish Salmon Research Institute. 


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Working Group on Baltic Salmon;WGBAST


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ICES. 1975. Reference report on Baltic salmon; additional information on Baltic sea trout . ICES Cooperative Research Report, Vol. 45. 166 pp.