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Report by the North Sea Roundfish Working Group on North Sea Cod

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posted on 1971-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
The Working Group was set ·up ut the· 1969 ICES Heetinc; (C.Res􀂗1969/2:6)􀂛 the resolution passed by ICES bcinc th􀇃t; in the first instance, the Group should study the interrelationships between the cod in'diffcrent parts of­the North Sea, with a view to reconsidering on a regiono.l basis, the assess­ments made by the "Working Group on Assessncmt of' Demerso.l Stocks in the North Sea", for the Iforth Sea cod stocks as a whole. The Group h!:!.s reviewed what is kno,m of the spawning and nursery grounds of the cod and, frora the returns of tagginr, cxperinents, has attempted to assess the interrelationships between groups of cod in different parts of the North Sea.


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