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Report of the ACMRR/ICES Working Group on Fishery Resources of the Eastern Central Atlantic and the South-East Atlantic

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posted on 1968-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
Following discussions in the FAO Advisory Committoe on Marine Rosources Research,and subllcquontly in the FAO Committeo on Fisheries and the FAO Counoil, and dicoUBsions, between FAO and lCES, a joint AC~rnR/ICE3 Working Group was ostablished. Thio Working Groupwas requosted to study the fishery reDouroes of the Bnstorn Contral Atlnntio nnd of theSouthcaot Atlnntio, to evaluate the state of thc stocks, to adviee on coneorvation meaauresrequirod for their rational exploitation, and to advise on future research requirements,inoluding tho oollcotion of routine atatiatical and biological information.',1.2 .Tbe meeting was held in the University of La Laguna, Tonerife, Canary lslands, from 29 Marchto 4 April 1968, fo11owing in~odiato1y on tho lCES/FAO Symposium on the Living Rosources of, the African Continenta1 Shclf (25 - 28 ~larch 1968). Ropreaentativoa from ICr;s, FAO andobservers, inoluding an obsorver from seOR, took part in tho discus~ions (see Appendix 2).For purposes of analysis the Working Group considered separate1y the stocks in three regions fromthc Straits of Gibra1tar to Cape Blanco (200 North 1atitude); from Cape B1anco to the mouthof the Congo River; and,from the Congo southwards (see Seotions 3, 4, end 5). Tbe Group alsomade a detailed study of thc present availab1e statistico and made propoaa1s for the improvednational supply to international ßßencies (soe Sectian2) and some genoral observationsconcerning the problem of mech regulation, future research, inoluding echo-surveys, eto. whichare app1icable"to al1 arena (see Scction 6).


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