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Report of the Ad hoc Group for Western Irish Natura Sites (AGWINS)

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posted on 2023-03-30, 06:55 authored by ICESICES

A request (Annex 2) from DG Fisheries and Maritime Affairs was received on 24 April 2007. In view of the urgency of this request, MCAP decided to establish a small adhoc group to examine and report on evidence relevant to this request. The Terms of Reference of the adhoc group are as follows.

An Ad hoc Group on Western Irish Natura Sites (AGWINS) (Chair: Stuart Rogers, UK) is established to:

a ) Review and evaluate all relevant information on fishing activities in the proposed areas to assess possible impact to these fisheries of closure and other potential management measures;

b ) Evaluate whether the boundary of the proposed area is appropriate for delimiting the fisheries management measures needed to protect the habitats for which the area has been proposed;

c ) On the basis of known impacts of fishing gears active in the vicinity, evaluate whether it will be necessary to close all fisheries to achieve the conservation objectives of the proposed protected areas, and if not, what management measures would be suitable.

AGWINS will meet in Dublin, Ireland on 21 June 2007 and report to ACE and ACFM by 26 June 2007.


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